Visiting New York, United States


New York is a vast state and it is divided into upstate and downstate. The most famous attraction here is Niagara Falls and NY City. But there are several other places like Saratoga Falls and its Hot Springs. Albany is a beautiful old city. New York is a state of thousand lakes. Several like Lake Placid are very famous. In winters Catskills are famous for skiing.
When it comes to adventure tourism nothing can beat Adirondacks. It has several lakes, hiking trails, history, vintage, and much more to explore. In New York do not forget to dish out the deep dish pizza. Pizza’s is very famous throughout the state.

If you are visiting Buffalo to see Niagara Falls then do not forget to eat the Buffalo wings. It is the most famous dish here. Also visit the Hudson Valley, if you are visiting New York City. It is known as the cradle of civilization in the United States.

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