Oct 30, 2015

Why Hotels Need Risk Assessment

hotel-service-bellHotel risk assessment is a major part of hotel security and safety. Every hotel needs to make it a point to get proper risk assessment procedures in place irrespective of their star status. This way avoidable hazards like fires, slipping, falling and injury can be prevented.

There are multiple benefits that come along with hotel risk management and they include:

1. Prevention is Always Better than Cure

Imagine you have an accident at your hotel and you could have prevented it. You will be dealing with angry customers demanding compensation. And if your insurance company sees it as hotel negligence, you won’t get a single penny out of them. Thorough hotel risk assessment can prevent negative outcomes and ensure everyone’s safety. The cost of security, insurance, compensation charges and even the time spent by staff in reacting can be all avoided at a fraction of the cost of an actual incident. Taking on a proactive approach based on security risk assessment programs designed by professionals can help your hotel reduce unnecessary costs.

2. Hotel Risk Assessment – There’s more to it!

Besides protecting yourself against expenses, risk management actions help protect your brand as well. Making changes and improvements will allow customers to feel safe and secure, which will help build you a formidable brand. The moment a devastating incident is linked to your hotel it will damage the reputation you’ve spent years trying to build. The alleged rape by a famous politician at a 5-star hotel in New York, terrorist attack on the Taj Hotel at Mumbai and the armed robbery attack in Berlin at a Grand Hotel – these incidents made headlines worldwide and brought down each hotel’s image.

3. Save Yourself the Expenses – Do it yourself

Sometimes your biggest critic is you. And if you feel very strongly about hotel security you can actually evaluate it yourself. World renowned hotel risk assessment specialists have developed short self-assessment tests to help hotels rate their security standard on their own. You can avail these tests for free and check if you’ve got the basics right.

4. Customize the Security Procedure

Risk assessment is a major part of the hotel industry and for that matter any business that plans on a continuous existence. Proper risk assessment can help with the security in various situations like a fire, flood, blackouts or unrest. But, if you look closely, you will notice most hotels have the same standards and procedures. It is like they have simply copied each other’s security plan. Each hotel is different and there are various factors that need to be considered like the locality and cultural differences. Once a plan is devised, it needs to be tested to make sure it will work in case of an emergency.

Security guards should be chosen based on their skills, background and literacy, fire safety standard and emergency escape routes should be determined and tested and the staff should be trained in how to handle an emergency. A well experienced manager can help with this. As a result, a foolproof security plan can be devised to protect the hotel guest and the staff too.

5. Changing Requirements

Security is a major feature that can set hotels apart. If you constantly modify your security procedures to meet the changing needs of your guests and staff, it can bring you up a level in the competition against other hotels. Each stakeholder of a hotel has different expectations when it comes to security:

Guests – want safe accommodation

Staff – expect a safe workplace

Investors – expect the hotel to protect the assets and property to ensure its continuity and success

Corporations – have to ensure the safety and health of employees traveling abroad

Legislators – expect the hotel to meet all the safety and security procedures under the present legislation

By determining what everyone wants it is possible to spot the risks that the stakeholders could face. Once the risks have been identified, you can take necessary steps to prepare a plan to minimize and remove these threats. Get the help of a professional risk assessment company too. That way you can improve standards and reduce costs and expenditure on maintaining safety.

Risk assessment is worth every penny because it can help improve your brand and protect it too. It prevents the loss of hotel and guest property, avoids injuries and accidents and prevents fires and other hazards from occurring.

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