Nov 22, 2016

Use These Smart Ways to Get More Guest Feedback and Boost Hotel Bookings

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A feedback from your hotel guests, whether good or bad, is the key to managing a flourishing hotel. Hotel reservation is largely impacted by guest reviews, particularly online. Customer feedback – positive or negative – is crucial for every hotel, as it gives a definite indication on where you are wrong and how to improve the business to make your customers’ experience a positive one. Knowing the likes and dislikes of your guests is the first step in improving your hotel, and in turn getting more reservations.

Every guest arriving at your property is unique varying in age, gender, profession, perspective, etc. Hence, one feedback method would not work with all. There are various channels through which one can try to cover maximum guests to provide feedback.

At the Hotel Itself

The easiest and most effective method to get feedback from your guests is while they are still at your property. The best part about this feedback method is it allows you to transform a negative experience into a positive one by handling the issue real time. If a guest is unhappy about something, you can provide them better service for the same.

While at the hotel, hotel manager and staff in general can approach customers for their feedback through:

  • Feedback cards – One of the most old fashioned way, but remarkably effective nonetheless. The key here though is to place the cards strategically at places where they are easily spotted. Apart from displaying the feedback cards in every room, place them in the hotel lobby, restaurants, pool side, activity area, etc.
  • Feedback via phone call – Designate one customer relations manager to call the guests’ room and check how they are enjoying their stay and if you can assist them with anything. Apart from getting the required feedback, a phone call is a great way to show your guests that you care.
  • Personal Interaction – Though many staff members are reluctant to speak to their guests, thinking they might be intruding their privacy or annoying them, the key here is to strike a conversation at the right time. Do not engage them while they seem upset or are in a rush. It is seen that guests are more friendly during the breakfast time or while they are at the pool or in activity area. Strike a conversation at that moment and speak to customers in such a way that they don’t feel they are being surveyed.
  • Mobile Guest Engagement Solution – Another great idea is to have a mobile guest engagement solution. This allows your guests to give you feedback via there smartphone. As most people are so hooked to their phone, getting feedback via this channel is easier. Besides, guests find it a convenient and no-fuss way to complain or offer their suggestions.

Social Media

Another platform, and rather growing, where you get maximum guest feedback is social media network. According to a survey, 93% of global travelers make their bookings based on online reviews. It is also seen that increase in online reviews is directly proportional to increase in reservations. Thence, social media is both critical as well as a useful tool for hotel business and a right channel for customer feedback.

  • Online interaction with guests – Have your hotel’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account updated and encourage the guests to tag your hotel in their posts, as it is a good way to strike a conversation with your guests and their experience. Be prepared for a negative post as well, and work on making it better.
  • Handling disgruntled customers online – Social media has become an engaging platform when it comes to ranting or expressing grievances, with Twitter being most common. Therefore, Twitter listening is important. Have a staff member check the hotel’s Twitter account every two hours, so that if there are any negative feedbacks, you can look after them before the situation is out of control.
  • Online reviews – Online travel review websites gives insights of what travelers are saying about your property. Consider every review equally important and address to every comment, particularly the negative ones. Your efforts and attitude can convert an unhappy customer willing to give you another chance.

Feedback email/Mail

Ultimately, send out the emails or snail mails to your outgoing guests for final feedback and review. This is why having the email and postal address of your customers is essential. You can also send Customer feedback Survey along with the email to be filled by the guests.

Wrap up

Strive to gather feedback from your guests through as many communication means as possible. Gradually focus more on channels that works best with your hotel guests. Assess the feedback received from the various channels employed to develop a better understanding of your guests in terms on their expectations and what more you can do to help them enjoy a pleasurable stay.

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