Feb 18, 2013

Backpacking Tips and Tricks When Going on a Trip

Travel Luggage PackingGoing on a trip can be fun and exciting. Being able to see new places, get away from the daily grind and relax is a fun and thrilling prospective. While people give a lot of thought to booking tickets and hotel accommodation, they forget the most important part – packing. Packing correctly and efficiently can keep your valuables safe, give you peace of mind and make your trip even more convenient and memorable. So here are a few tips to help you pack for your next trip.

Keeping Important Documents and Telephone Numbers

During a trip, especially when traveling abroad, the most common complaint is loss of passport, ticket and credit card. This could happen to anyone. You could get robbed or you could misplace it. So to avoid problems in a strange and foreign country, scan your passport and ticket and store the scanned pages in a web-based email before you leave. Also use the same method of storage for all emergency numbers of your credit card provider. This way, you will be able to access these important documents and numbers without getting worked up.

Your Valuables

While flying, make sure that all your valuables are with you in your carry-on bag. This way, there is minimal risk of losing or misplacing your money, traveler’s check, credit cards, laptop, cellphone and iPad. When you reach your destination, use the hotel safe to store your valuables. Also divide your money and traveler’s checks, so that they are stored in varied places, such as your pockets, wallet/purchase and bags. So if you get robbed, you will still have access to money.

The Real Packing

This is one aspect of a trip that not many people pay attention to. But packing correctly can make it easy to locate items without having to rummage through the stuff. Pack all your things in Ziplock bags and segregate them. For instance, in one bag, store all your undergarments, in the other your shirts and the third your pants. When things are packed in clear plastic, it also easy for the airport authorities to see what you are carrying in case you are asked to open your suitcase. If you are going camping, make sure that you do not leave behind the Ziplock bags.


Most people tend to take more clothes than they need, making their suitcase heavy and not leaving room to pack souvenirs and gifts. So just pack clothes that you will use. If you are going on a long trip, wash your clothes and reuse them. Try to pack multi-purpose clothing that can be used on different occasions.


Regardless of whether you are backpacking, camping or staying in a hotel, always carry a flashlight and new batteries. Place the batteries the other way round, so that even if the flashlight gets switched on accidentally, it will not work and discharge the batteries. You never know when you will need the flashlight, but at least you will have it on you when the need arises.


Shoes are a must, but they can dirty your clothing or spread their odor in your suitcase. A good way to avoid these problems is by packing your shoes into old socks and then placing them into a Ziplock bag. Also be sure to take a pair of cheap flip-flops, so that you do not have to walk bare foot in the hotel bathrooms and toilets.

Diaper Bags

Even if you do not have a baby, think about carrying diaper bags. You can use the bags as waste bags to dispose off your garbage, especially in places where you cannot flush toilet paper. Also, diaper bags are great places to store your valuables and keep them safe. These bags are not very attractive to thieves.

Customizing Your Luggage

In an airport, many people have similar looking luggage pieces and this can often lead to people picking up the wrong luggage. To avoid this problem, customize your luggage with a mark, so that you can identify it. Make sure you stick a label both inside and outside with your name and contact details, so that the airline knows where to deliver your luggage in case it gets misplaced during transit.

Packing for Backpacking Trip

Backpacking means carrying your stuff on your shoulders, and this can be quite cumbersome. So just pack things that you need for the trip. Do not take too many clothes, but do remember to take a sweater or jacket in case of a cold front. Also place lighter items, such as dirty clothes, at the bottom of your backpack and then top it up with the heavier items. This can make your backpack feel lighter when you are carrying it.

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