Mar 21, 2016

Essential Safety Tips for Solo Woman on Business Travel

solo women traveler 4Whether it is a man or woman, they have to take some precautionary steps while traveling for their safety.

Women, especially, have to travel smart because they are more vulnerable.

As a woman, when you are in a new place and among strange people, you should be aware of how to keep yourself safe and away from harm.

Here are some safety tips that will help you stay safe when you travel.


When making online hotel booking, choose wisely. Even if you have to choose budget hotels ensure that they are in safe neighborhoods.

The rooms should have a peep hole or a camera, so that you can see who is visiting.

Do not give your room number to anyone including a cab driver or acquaintances. Also, instruct the receptionist to call you if there is a visitor and not to send the visitor to your room. Always meet people in the hotel lobby.

Do not opt for rooms that are too close to the emergency exit.


If you are expected to come back late then request valet service to park your vehicle. If the service is not available, park your vehicle close to the hotel in a well lit area. And, for some reason you need to go out, do not walk to your vehicle alone. Instead ask a hotel employee to accompany you.

Room Safety

Use the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign while you are in your room. This will deter anyone from bothering you unnecessarily.

Avoid using room service when you are alone.

Make sure the housekeeping is done in your absence.

Before going to bed, double check if you have bolted all the doors and other entry points, such as windows.

Keep all emergency numbers handy and program them for a single touch dial.

Whenever someone knocks on your door, check with the reception if they have sent someone to your room before opening the door. Do not let unannounced visitors enter your room. If you are unsure, immediately request for the hotel security.

Stay In Touch

Stay in touch with your family and friends. Call them frequently so that they know that you are safe. They should also be prepared to expect something wrong when you have not called for a long time.

Check The Neighborhood

Get online and read about the crime rate of the neighborhood you are staying in. Also, be informed about the places where the crime rate is high. It does not matter if the crime is against men or women. Steer clear out of those areas.

Local Help Lines

Every area will have an emergency contact number where you can reach the cops directly. It can be faster than 911. Keep those numbers handy on your cell phone in case of an emergency.

Defensive Items

Carry pepper spray or some astringent in your pocket or purse when venturing out. It should be easily accessible, so that you can draw it out and use it should the need arise. The best place to keep it is chained to your jeans or pants and hidden in your pocket or waistband.

Do Not Travel Alone

As much as possible, have a colleague or business acquaintance accompany you to newer places. If they are locals, they can be your guide as well. This way you will learn a lot about that place too.

Avoid Asking Strangers For Help

Avoid taking help from people on the street. This is especially true if you are lost and looking for directions. It is best to enter a store and get directions. Furthermore, while driving or going to a new place, always appear confident even if you are lost. When driving, it is best to use a GPS, so that you can navigate without asking for help.

Most tips mentioned here are common sense. As women travelers, it is best to be safe than sorry. When traveling for business, it is best to stay close to your place of work or meeting and in safe locations to make your business travel a success and memorable event.

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