Progressive Ways To Manage Hotel Staff Being A Friendly Manager

Aug 26, 2014

A hotel is as good as its employees. If the employees are lackadaisical, not customer-friendly or do not know how to deal with guests, even the best hotel cannot survive. Being friendly with your staff is a great thing, but as a hotel manager, you have responsibility towards your guests and the hotel. Knowing how to turn around your hotel and getting your employees work as a productive team is every hotel manager's dream. However, very few realize this dream. But you can if you use these tips. ...

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8 Website Mistakes That May Reduce Rating Of Your Hotel Bookings

Hotel Search Engine Website

Jul 23, 2014

Your hotel website is the way guests will find you and book rooms. This organic traffic that comes from search engines can be extremely profitable. However, if your website turns away guests instead of welcoming them with open arms, you are doing something wrong. Here are 8 website mistakes you should avoid making to turn away bookings and leads from your hotel website. 1. Not Making the Website Mobile-Friendly Today, many travelers use their smartphones to check out hotel websites on the g...

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8 Ways To Become The Best Hotel Front Office Manager

Hotel Guest Surveys By Manager

Jul 3, 2014

In a hotel, first impressions are everything. The way your front desk staff greets and attends to customers can make or break the image of your hotel. And like all good leaders, a front office manager leads from the front. If you can become a good manager, you will be able to lead by example and your staff will get the right knowledge and training from you to excel in their work. Here some ways to improve yourself and become a better front office manager. 1. Work towards Customer Delight In...

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10 Best Adventure Destinations Around The World to Travel

Wildlife Tracking-Madagaskar

Jun 23, 2014

There are some people who are glad to lie in the sun, and sip drinks during their vacations. Some people need adventure, they need the adrenaline rush. For those of you who want an adventure filled vacation full of thrilling activities and spine-chilling escapades, Here are the top 10 adventure destinations. Australia Image By TheCreativePenn Australia is the number one destination for any adventure-lover. This beautiful country has everything - from kayaking to windsurfing, white water raft...

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Eight Changes Can Potentially Revolutionize Your Hotel Business

hotel management business

Jun 2, 2014

Every year that comes brings on new challenges and changes that a business has to cope with. The hospitality industry has been through its own ups and downs in the recent years. The year 2014 is looking up for several hoteliers, as there have been quite a few positive changes in the industry. Several industry analysts assume an increase in revenue per room, hence profitability will increase. By arming themselves with the right tips and tricks, hotel management professionals can bolt their busin...

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Marketing Roots At Your Hotel Front Desk

Hotel FrontDesk

May 20, 2014

The front desk of a hotel is the first-point-of-contact for any and all of your customers. The experience that they have here is something they will carry in their minds for a long time after they have checked in and even checked out. For almost every review a customer writes, try taking note that he or she will definitely mention the front desk at some point or the other. This makes it imperative to have a front desk staff that would be helping, aware, knowledgeable, kind and would go that ext...

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