Why Hotels Need Risk Assessment


Oct 30, 2015

Hotel risk assessment is a major part of hotel security and safety. Every hotel needs to make it a point to get proper risk assessment procedures in place irrespective of their star status. This way avoidable hazards like fires, slipping, falling and injury can be prevented. There are multiple benefits that come along with hotel risk management and they include: 1. Prevention is Always Better than Cure Imagine you have an accident at your hotel and you could have prevented it. You will be d...

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Make Your Hotel a Safer Place with These 8 Security Improving Tips

hotel rating

Sep 17, 2015

Hotels are fast becoming a soft target for criminal and terrorist activities. The associated losses are not only at a great scale but also hold the risk of permanently damaging a hotel's reputation. To safeguard your hotel and its guests, it is necessary to take safety and security as a priority. Here are the top 8 steps towards improving hotel security for hotels of all ratings and magnitudes. 1. Don't Underestimate the Advantages of CCTV Cameras There is no denying that CCTV cameras, at som...

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Analyzing Visitors’ Behavior To Increase Conversion Rate

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Jul 25, 2015

A travel website is supposed to give information that visitors seek. When you know the kind of visitors your site gets, you can customize the information to make it more geared to your visitors. That way, your site will not be dispensing generic information that has the same content as thousands of other travel website in the World Wide Web. It will allow you to cater to each type of demographic, so that your content is laser targeted. Kind of Visitors Visiting Travel Sites Basically, visito...

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The World Of Business Travel Has Changed By New Requirements

Business Traveler Requirements

Jun 17, 2015

As a hotelier or professional in the hospitality and service industry, it is important to know your customers. If you anticipate what your customers need, you will be working towards customer loyalty and customer delight. A happy and satisfied customer will always return and become your most profitable source of marketing. So here are some business travel trends you should be aware of to cater to that section of your clientele that keeps roving around the world and returning to stay at your hot...

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Hospitality Today: In Need of Online Reputation Management

Hotel Reputation Management

May 25, 2015

The hospitality industry covers a wide range of fields within the service and tourism industry. Under its large umbrella are dining, transportation, lodging and event planning, to name a few. This industry is a pretty cut-throat one and its focal point is customer satisfaction. In lieu of this, the major hospitality providers always require exposure and this exposure can be gained from either local advertising or online advertising. Online exposure in the form of social media marketing is readi...

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New Marketing Trends of Hospitality Industry

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Mar 25, 2015

What will work best for the hospitality industry and how should the industry shape itself this year to meet the growing needs of informed customers? Here we discuss some new trends in hotel and travel industry that are expected to rule the hospitality industry and also share strategies that hotels can adopt to give them an edge in hospitality and enable customers a unique experience that can benchmark against the best in the business. Focus on Millennial Customer Segment Today's jet setting...

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