Apr 6, 2014

How to Get More Hotel Bookings Through Your Hotel Website

book hotel onlineTourism industry has developed a great extent. The advent of technology and internet facilities have made getting info regarding any place of visit, hotels and other travel necessities easier than before.

Now almost 45% of the hotel bookings are done online, this has protruded the importance of implementing various efficient techniques to increase traffic for your hotel’s website and ensure more online bookings. Here we offer some smarts ways to make your website more attractive and profitable.

Better Photography

Having great pictures of your property and the wonderful view surrounding it can attract visitors in a glance. Paste a collection of photographs highlighting the best part of your hotel and which forces people to visualize themselves enjoying in that place. Upload these pics in an organized form and include catchy captions. Hiring proficient photographers can involve a huge cost, so learning photography and implementing it on your own can be an alternative solution.

Optimized, User-friendly Design

Keep the design of your website simple to help customer get to the stuff they are looking for. Make sure the booking process is smooth and is completed in minimal steps to ensure better customer experience.
It is also important to optimize the website to let search engines divert more traffic to your website. Keeping your website pop-ups and ads free is advisable. However, small ads which do not interfere with the activities of users can help add to the revenue of the site.

Competitive Pricing

It is essential to know the competition around and act accordingly. You must ensure that your booking engine offers the best price which is at par with the services provided. Availability of online chat options in your website to help customers with their pricing queries is of great benefit. Providing loyalties and membership bonus is an effective tool to publicize your business and attract customers especially when the prices are high.

Using Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are excellent resources to publicize your hotel business and get good traffic. To let this happen, you will need to update your profile constantly and show activeness to keep the guests glued to your page. Eye-catchy offers and events concerning your hotel should be publicized using these platforms.

Multiple Language Facility

There may be tourists from a variety of places. Formatting the website so that it can be translated to popular languages is important to enhance your website accessibility. Keeping multilingual staffs and mentioning their capabilities on your site can earn trust of the visitors concerning your hospitality.

Online Booking System

This is the most crucial part of your online booking business. You must keep your online booking system simple, safe and secure and offer different payment options.

Optional facilities

Provision of facilities enlisted below and mentioning them in the hotel’s website can attract more guests.

  • Design a website that works as well on the mobiles and tables as it does on a computer. As more people are accessing websites through smartphones, it is important to ensure your web pages and booking systems work efficiently on mobiles.
  • Give idea of the nearby places of enjoyment (details of transport, major attractions, etc.)
  • Offer provision of feedback and effective refund facility in the site.

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