Sep 27, 2016

Luxury Hotel Amenities List: 7 Must-Have Amenities in Every Luxury Hotel Room

If you happen to flip magazines or check out websites of various hotel rooms around the world, you may be left gob smacked with the interiors and stunning sceneries of the place. But wait! Before you decide to book yourself a room in one of these breathtakingly beautiful hotels, do have a look at the features and services the hotel boasts of as well. After all you don’t want to travel all the way only to realize that your much-awaited holiday is your worst ever nightmare.

So if you happen to be going on a vacation or business trip and have to check into at a hotel, here’s a list of 7 essential services that every luxury hotel room must offer you.

1. Comfortable Beds and Efficient Furniture

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When you’re on business trip or vacation, half the fun involves sleeping and relaxing whenever you want. However, you can’t exactly do that when your bed mattress seems to be inspired by prehistoric rocky couches! Edgy and futuristic furniture mean nothing unless it gives you the comfort and rejuvenation you need. Do ensure that the room you check into boasts of a comfy bed and practical chairs and tables that will not give your back and joints the worst time of your life.

2. Free Wi-Fi

hotel wifi

In a time, when technology is just as important as food, water and clothing, having to separately pay for internet access is ridiculous. Since most of the people need the web for getting in touch with family and conducting business transactions, fast and free internet access has to be a given when it comes to rounding up on a hotel room of your choice.

3. Control over Room Temperatures

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Having to sweat it out on a hot day or longing for polar-bear-thick-skin when the temperature is close to an arctic-degree makes for a memorable trip, but for all the wrong reasons. This is why adapting the room temperature to your preferences (functional heating and air-conditioning systems) is basic when short-listing a luxury room.

4. TV & Other Convenient Inputs


Photo Credit: BeyondCarbon

It feels like heaven when you notice a good sized flat screen TV with inputs for different devices in your room. After all, you need to charge your smartphone, iPad and/or laptop to be in contact with the outside world. It’s annoying when you have to unplug a lamp or clock in order to acquire an accessible outlet. So also, make sure the outlets are at a convenient distance so that it saves you the energy as well as time in plugging your gadgets effortlessly whenever required.

5. Adequate Lighting System

hotel room lightingPhoto Credit: Str1ke

Hotel rooms inevitably look eerie and spooky with dim and flickering lights and are a major turn-off when it happens to be your room. Therefore, main lights and lamps should always be adjustable based on brightness and an individual’s personal preference.

6. Complimentary Water Bottles and Room Service

hotel room service

Photo Credit: Porto Bay Trade

What is a hotel, if you don’t feel like royalty while ordering for room service? Having food or drink available at your doorstep as you keep busy on a presentation slide or simply lazing around is important. So also, would it be deemed as a criminal offense to have at least two bottles of water on your bedside table? (We think not).

7. Privacy

luxury bathroom

A hotel room should be a private affair. After all, you don’t want to have a window in a bathroom right? So no matter how beautifully modern a luxury room may appear to be, if it isn’t a place you can quietly retreat to, at the end of the day, what are you even paying for?

We’re sure you have your heads nodding to these above mentioned criteria for choosing a pleasant luxury hotel room. Do you think we have left something important out of our list? Then you are more than welcome to add to it and let us know about it. After all, a vacation isn’t a vacation unless the room you’re staying in feels like one, right?

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