May 25, 2015

Hospitality Today: In Need of Online Reputation Management

Hotel Reputation ManagementThe hospitality industry covers a wide range of fields within the service and tourism industry. Under its large umbrella are dining, transportation, lodging and event planning, to name a few. This industry is a pretty cut-throat one and its focal point is customer satisfaction. In lieu of this, the major hospitality providers always require exposure and this exposure can be gained from either local advertising or online advertising.

Online exposure in the form of social media marketing is readily available. Even though the reach extended through online platforms is immeasurable, it can leave a hospitality provider vulnerable too. Just as positive results can be generated, so can the negative ones. Being neglectful of your online reputation can leave an indelible stain that cannot ever be erased. A poor reputation online will have adverse effect on your bottom line. In fact, in the hospitality industry, there is strictly no room for such folly. This is precisely why it is so important to have a dedicated and committed management team or individuals on the job – someone who takes a fine-toothed comb and ensures you have a seamless reputation online.

Taking the first step

Social media marketing can be a useful instrument towards the promotion of any service rendered under the hospitality industry net. It is a very handy tool that transcends borders. Making reputation management an essential ingredient in your marketing strategy can give you an exponential increase in clientele.

Social media offers unparalleled exposure and high visibility as it has the potential to easily grab a lot of eyeballs. On the downside though, this high visibility is also attractive to negative opines and dissenters, unless managed. This is why a powerful online reputation management strategy is most effective at battling negative comments and a host of other negative attacks on your image.

Keep review sites on your radar

A Google study recently found that 58% of viewers would be ‘extremely/very likely’ to call a hotel if the reviews were favorable enough. In addition, review sites tend to have a lot of prominence on search engines such as Google. We’re guessing you’d hardly want to be tagged in a negative light (falsely of course) and for the whole world to be privy to it.

Make online reputation management a must

Yes online reputation management can be tiresome and tedious. The benefits of a successful campaign however, far outweigh the slightly uncomfortable nature of this business.

Here are a few facts that might change your mind as to whether to go the extra mile. Disgruntled former patrons and peeved ex-employees usually tend to seek out review platforms to vent their grievances or frustrations. Among the entire gamut of reviewers online, negative reviewing takes precedence over positive reviews. As you can imagine, this increases your vulnerability to libel.

Meticulous reputation management can counter-effect the negative online activity for starters. Timely and regular checks on these review sites can tone down the harsh nature of the comments. This will serve your reputation well and in addition, provide a forum for people to ‘interact’ with you rather than point at you. This interaction is the key to taming tempers and makes customers actually feel like you care about their opinions by addressing them directly, especially so in the service and hospitality industry where such care is vital to your brand image. Reputation management will also put in place avenues through which customers can come to you directly for further information or queries.

As you can see, online reputation management can go a long way in taking hospitality to new heights. Professional online reputation management services are an inexpensive yet an extremely efficient medium to promote the evolution of the effervescent hospitality industry today.

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