Dec 18, 2013

How Important Is To Write And Search Hotel Reviews Online

Find Hotels Online at HotelClusterImportance of Online Hotel Reviews and Rating

A year 2013 in a review and as per market surveys, approximately 81% of travelers refer to online hotel reviews offered by guests who have stayed at a particular hotel. Individuals tend to believe in what other people have to say about a particular place, rather than use their own judgment. And this is correct, since the person writing a review narrates his or her personal experiences, and has no particular grievance against the institution or place. The subjective narration reflects a true picture of a particular hotel as to what other individuals can expect regarding the facilities and amenities offered. People use guest reviews as a guide, However, online hotel customer reviews are important, whether they are good or bad, and travelers planning their vacations would prefer to go through them before deciding upon a specific hotel. Traveler’s choices can be significantly influenced by the opinions and experiences of others.

Why People Write Hotel Reviews?

One of the main reasons why people write reviews is to share their experience with others. Perhaps people feel it is their moral duty to forewarn other travelers about a particular aspect which has not been so conductive, or if they have been cheated in some way or the other. Alternately, people feel a good vacation spot ought to be shared with others. Some individuals write hotel reviews to provide information about a particular place as to what additional activities guests can enjoy in a city. About 79% of online visitors feel a negative review should not be ignored, and one should check about what has been stated in the review before reaching to a conclusion, while 78% of the net surfers feel a positive review has a certain degree of credibility. Your hotel customers written reviews offer an opportunity to vent the frustrations, or share the joyous moments with others. Families who have experienced a good time during their vacation like to share their hotel experiences with others. And customer generated reviews offer an opportunity to do so. People reading their reviews would like to know about it.

How to Write Hotel Reviews Online?

The hotel review should be left promptly before leaving the hotel while the information is still fresh in the visitor’s mind. Ideally, the visitor should try to be objective and refrain from being emotional while offering the review. However, in practice this rarely happens. The fact is people have a habit of exaggerating their experience. If an individual has undergone a trifle bad experience with some amenity offered by the hotel, he or she is likely to present it as a big issue within the review. This is not correct. It is advisable to avoid the anger or frustration to creep into the review, and deliver an opinion which reflects the true seriousness or intensity of the issue.

write a hotel reviewHow Do Hotel Reviews Affect the Hotel Sales and Management?

Hotel reviews can affect a hotel’s reputation to a great extent. Advertisements and online promotions always concentrate upon the positive aspects, and are meant to attract guests. Everybody knows about this fact. People prefer to know about the “inside picture” of a particular place or location from other individuals, and rely more upon what they have to say. So in many ways, reviews control the popularity of a hotel. Popular places attract visitors by the thousands, and this proves to be profitable to the hotels in that area. If the reviews of hotel are good and positive, other guests are most likely to refer to them and book the hotel. The management benefits by free publicity through positive reviews, and enjoys added business.

Do the Hotel Reviews Affect Hotel Employees?

While leaving a hotel review, it’s great to mention the names of hotel employees who have helped you during your stay. Putting a good word never hurt anybody, and as the management carefully considers the reviews, the employees mentioned in it are affected by the positive response of the guest. It improves their chances of a promotion and earning a good pay package. On the other hand, if you specifically complain about a person in the review, it is going to adversely affect the person’s chances of continuing with the employment. Of course, the management does not blindly believe in what the guests have to say about a particular person, but their opinion does make a difference since the management tends to consider the guest opinions at the time of incrementing the monthly package.

How Hotels Should React to Online Guest Generated Reviews?

Customer generated hotel reviews should not be ignored. A satisfied customer is a good advertiser for the hotel, and so if a person is happy with the stay, he or she is most likely to convey the same to others. This proves to be very advantageous and profitable to the management, as it creates a positive image and entices other customers to use the facilities and book the particular hotel. In the hospitality industry, the customer has the final say, and many commercial institutions have been affected positively as well as negatively solely because of their reputations prevailing in the market. It is important for hoteliers to offer their best services and ensure the guests are happy and satisfied at all times. At the same time, care should be taken to find out what issues trouble the guests during their stay. Often people don’t mention straightaway what they feel, but when asked they start talking freely about their experiences. If the management does not receive any feedback from their guests, it would become difficult to improve upon the hotel’s functioning, so hotel general managers should encourage guests to leave their reviews.

Write a Review - HotelCluster.comHotel Guests should also be educated about the importance of online hotel reviews and made aware about their moral responsibility in offering a true and valid account of what they feel about the hotel.

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  • Erin Brooks

    I completely agree with this post and feel that it was very informative. I know for me personally, I am always checking online reviews before I book anywhere. I usually don’t let just one review hold too much weight on my opinion. However, if that one review is the general consensus of all reviewers post, then I am a little more apt to believe it. Hotels are shooting themselves in the foot if they are not monitoring what people are saying about them and using the responses to change or continue the service they are providing.

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