May 27, 2013

Service with a Smile – Best Tips for Hotel Employees

service with a smile

At times you may come across individuals who are endeavoring to keep a pleasant smile on their face. For instance, if you see the servers at a hotel you can notice that despite having an awful day they keep up their smile, while saying a gracious hello to take your order. This type of cheerful gesture not only gives you a welcomed feel but also allows you to have pleasant dine. You may also want to leave a generous tip while leaving.

If you are in hospitality industry it will be difficult for you to survive without knowing how to behave with people. As rude behavior and losing temper can cost a lot. To sustain and flourish in this industry, you must therefore consciously try to pay attention to things that others say, keep a direct eye contact while talking and hold head upright as it is through these small gesture people judge whether your acts are genuine or not.

Smile adds a friendly touch to your personality

It is known fact that any type of job in the service industry whether it be working at a restaurant, a hotel, as an usher in theater and selling tickets at airport needs friendly attitude and pleasing smile. Furthermore, the jobs like that of a front desk executive require pleasing personality along with lovely smile, while greeting the people. Though it is not feasible to feel great and smile all the time at work, it is quite essential. For instance, it may be challenging to be friendly and cheerful when you have some personal problems or have received some bad news but in customer care jobs all such problems must be overlooked. If you think rationally, the customers with whom you interact or talk is just concerned about your service but not interested in knowing your problems. So, in case you have any problems it is good idea to take a break for a while until you completely come out of it. By doing this you can keep the cheerful attitude at the workplace, as smile is vital for a friendly looking personality.

Smile gives a good first impression

In hospitality services, a genuine smile and friendly approach is crucial to make the right first impression. When a guest comes in or walks around in the reception area, there should always be someone at the reception to deliver a warm and friendly smile. It doesn’t matter whether it is odd time of the day or even night, there must be someone standing at the counter to greet them on arrival. To make the first impression a front desk executive in any situation cannot keep the guest waiting for longtime to avail the service. They can manage their other chores when the lobby is empty but still going out too often is not a good idea. Having a bell at the counter can be a great solution for a customer to reach for help anytime or when the executive is not at the desk.

A good first impression also comes from impressive dressing and proper grooming. A torn jeans or T-shirt with weary hair can give negative impression. Keeping a professional dress code or uniform for employees can be good idea. Well-groomed hair without any funky things hairstyle or hair colors is helpful in making the right impact on the first sight.

Other than a pleasing personality and a friendly smile, use of proper words while having conversation with guests can make lot of difference. Instead of directly coming to the point, or saying the cliched ‘how may I help you?’ the customer must be greeted with a smile and then while the transaction is been processed it is good to share some offers or some details about the hotel. This will definitely please the customer and help him get clear view on things the hotel provides.

In a nutshell, a genuine warm smile along with good manners is the key for a successful reception.

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