Feb 5, 2013

Be a Good Hotel Guest – Know Thy Etiquette

Hotel Guest Check in

While many people may complain about the service they get in a hotel or the room they stayed in, it is also important to be a good hotel guest. It can make your life and the hotel staff’s life easy and perhaps help you have an enjoyable and memorable stay.

Here are some tips that will show you how to be a better hotel guest and how you can show your appreciation for the hardworking hotel staff.

How to Behave on Arriving

  • If the hotel has valet and doorman service, drive to the entrance of the hotel and leave your keys in the ignition. Let the doorman remove your luggage quickly from the car trunk, so that the valet can park your vehicle. This will not hold up other guests behind you and the service work seamlessly.
  • If the hotel has no valet and doorman service, drive your vehicle to the parking lot. Take out your luggage and walk to the reception. The walk shouldn’t be too long, as most hotels have an entrance from their parking lot. Never park in front of the hotel entrance, as it is rude towards other guests.

Tips to Follow when Checking In

  • Do not demand to be checked in. If the hotel clerk is on the phone, wait for the person to finish the conversation. Likewise, if the person is doing some work, realize that it must be important. So wait until the clerk has finished. He will call you and check you in. Drumming your fingers at the reception or sighing loudly will not get your checked in any sooner.
  • When asked how the hotel clerk can assist you. All you have to do is tell the clerk you are checking in and under what name. There is no need to give any other information. It is a completely superfluous and wastes time.
  • Usually when checking you in the reception will state the bed type you have booked. If this important, reconfirm it. Otherwise, inform the reception you are not particular about the bed type. This can help the hotel, especially if one bed type is completely booked.
  • If there are people in front of you waiting to be checked in, wait for your turn. Do not try to push ahead. It is rude and discourteous to other guests, who are also paying for the room just like you.
  • Even if your hotel room is prepaid, you will still have to put down a security amount to cover any other costs incurred. So don’t argue about it. All hotels have this rule and you should respect and follow it.

Behave Nicely during your Stay

  • Even though the hotel has housekeeping service, do pick up after yourself. Don’t leave your dirty clothes, towel and other things lying around. Housekeeping staff have to adhere to time limits when cleaning rooms and if you leave a room messy, they will overshoot their time limit or may miss something while cleaning.
  • Use the trashcan to dispose off your garbage. Make sure that you throw anything that you don’t want. Otherwise they will make their way to Lost and Found and take up unnecessary space.
  • Remember to leave a tip for the housekeeping staff. These days, hospitality workers hardly get tipped and are often forgotten. They will appreciate a tip and this will motivate them to clean your room better and more thoroughly.
  • Make sure you tip the staff. This will get you better service and also the staff will be more enthusiastic and friendly around you.
  • If you have a problem, such as noise or lack of hot water, call up the front desk and inform them politely. Do not yell or shout, as it will not resolve the problem. Talking politely will always do the trick.
  • If the front desk or any other department does not pick up your call right away, do not get angry. The attending person has to attend to several guests at the same time and may not be able to answer your call right away. Wait until your phone is picked up or call back. If it is an emergency, call the security of the hotel to attend to it.
  • If you have been allotted a non-smoking room, make sure you do not smoke in the room. If you do, you will be penalized for it.
  • Do not make unnecessary demands during your stay. You are not a celebrity. Order room service politely and ask for things politely. It will get you better service.

Etiquette to Follow when Departing and Checking Out

  • When you are leaving and you are asked how your stay was, be honest about it instead of bluffing.
  • If you have a complaint about the stay, make it but do not expect compensation, as not every complaint deserves one.
  • If you get your bill and you find that everything is fine, you can leave without informing the hotel. However, do make it a point to return the key to your room before you leave.
  • If you leave before your designated check out time, inform the front desk, so that the housekeeping can prepare the room for the next guest.

In a Nutshell

  • Being rude or behaving arrogantly will not help you get good service. Rather you will be a pain for the hotel staff who would secretly wish for your early check-out. Behave nicely if you wish to be remembered as a well-mannered guest. Put yourself in the shoes of hotel-staff and you will realize how important it is to be a good hotel guest!

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  • These are all good points, which mostly refer to being a normal, polite human being in all situations.

  • Pravin Bancharam

    Your note on Guests Etiquette sounds ok, however who will educate the guest? would you put notices in rooms? create a flyer for guests? NOT POSSIBLE in hospitality industry. We are in this sector and should love our job, regardless the attitude of the guest. We should counter act whenever there’s guests challenges and be HOSPITABLE and have a “NEVER SAY NO” attitude towards guest. A customer is the most important visitor in our premises. We don’t do any favour by being at his service, but he is doing a favour by giving an opportunity by staying with us. Remember that any personal belongings are paid by the guest, be it house rent, car, annual holidays, etc….So we must be as hospitable as anybody , and this will definitely have an impact if the guest behaves wrongly. As simple as that. Regarding tips, it depends on the guest, he can’t be bribing all staff to receive the best service…if the staff is motivated to give the best by tips , then he must change his job.He should not be working in the hospitality sector.

  • Mohan Sundaram

    The question is “who will bell the cat”. It is very difficult to advice any guest how to behave, being in our Hospitality Industry. The customer is always right – is what we have learned.!!!!. However if the guests behaves the way you have explained ——–it would be wonderful to work for Hotel .

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