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Service with a Smile – Best Tips for Hotel Employees


May 27, 2013

At times you may come across individuals who are endeavoring to keep a pleasant smile on their face. For instance, if you see the servers at a hotel you can notice that despite having an awful day they keep up their smile, while saying a gracious hello to take your order. This type of cheerful gesture not only gives you a welcomed feel but also allows you to have pleasant dine. You may also want to leave a generous tip while leaving. If you are in hospitality industry it will be difficult for...

Ten Most Valued Hotel Amenities for Business Travelers

Business Traveler Requirements

Mar 19, 2013

Clean rooms and comfortable beds are important, but today's business travelers want a lot more than that. If you own a hotel and are interested in attracting more business travelers, you should be aware of what amenities they usually look for. This will allow you to introduce those amenities in your hotel, which, in turn, will attract business travelers who prefer your hotel over the others. Here are top 10 amenities that you should include in your hotel if you want to attract business traveler...

Creating Customers Relationship by Effective Loyalty Programs

Hotel Guest Surveys By Manager

Jan 21, 2013

Promoting business interests overseas mandates extensive international travel and hotel stay by concerned personnel. If you analyze the behavioral pattern of the customers, you will notice that few prefer to avail your facilities over and over whereas few never turn up. Profuse and steady customer inflow will sustain your hospitality business and pave way for exponential growth of sales and consequent revenues. It is imperative to captivate customers and hold their loyalty to stay in the busines...

8 Emerging Hospitality Industry Trends

Trend in Hospitality Industry

Jan 4, 2013

The hospitality industry is optimistic and expects a brighter and better trend. As the economic landscape is progressing, there will be a change in the trend of "staycation," and people will now intend to focus on the value of travel. In other words, tourists now look for comfortable, simple, yet high-quality experiences. It is important for hospitality companies to capitalize these opportunities to stay ahead in the industry. However, brand awareness and a multi-channel environment have heighte...

Book Hotel at the Right Time to Bring down Your Travel Budget


Nov 23, 2012

Hotel expenses constitute a significant portion of a travel budget. Smart travelers can bring down their travel budget considerably by booking hotels at the right time. This article offers you five tips that can help you book a hotel room at strategic times that wins you attractive discounts. 1. Book in advance If you are a wise traveler you will always like to book your hotel room before even leaving your home for your holiday destination. It saves you a lot of hassle later as you can strai...

Things to Check before Booking a Hotel for your Trip

the landscape and swimming pool in a resort

Oct 23, 2012

A relaxed and tranquil holiday plan holding the promise of limitless fun and enjoyment is incomplete without counting in the hotel to stay during the trip. Browsing the internet will land on your desktop myriad of hotels, each projecting an alluring image of them that will appeal to your senses. However, it is prudent to be wary of them as you never have personally experienced the amenities provided and hospitality extended by them. Further, you do not want your wallet to be dented by unreasonab...