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How To Write An Impressive Hotel Business Plan That Attract Investors

Hotel Reputation Management

Sep 12, 2013

Image By kevin dooley So, you have finally decided to take a business leap and start your own hotel. Whether you're envisaging business travel hotels, comfortable hotels, classy heritage hotels or an elegant boutique, you need to spend a good amount of time researching before making an investment.  The key step to initiate this process is to write a convincing hotel business plan that has a proper layout and ingenious strategy. A business plan should also have an entire analysis of the finan...

Hospitality Industry – The Booming Sector In Careers Paths

careers in the hotel industry

Jul 25, 2013

The hospitality industry is affluent and has hundreds of options for professionals. There is a great buzz in the market about the ample amount of opportunities this field offers to its aspirants. If you are interested in a career in the hospitality industry, there are lots of reasons you should choose this field. Below are the reasons: 1. It's a Varied Industry The hospitality industry can be said to be one of the most varied fields available for career aspirants. It has a wide range of opt...

Are You Expert Enough To Solve Your Hotel Guest Complaints?

Hotel Guest Surveys By Manager

Jul 18, 2013

There is a certain amount of expertise required when handling customer complaints in a hotel. Most of the time, the complaint comes to the hotel receptionist, who should have the skill and knowledge to handle it effectively. It is not necessary a complaint does always have to be voiced, It can also be unvoiced. Hence, hotel staff should be able to address both types of complaints. It is important to remember that the hotel exists because of the guests only and if guests no longer stay at the ...

Increase Hotel Revenue By Using A Multi-Prong Approach


Jul 7, 2013

The hospitality industry is slowly waking up from a slumber it was forced into due to the recent economic downturn. Thankfully, things are looking up now and hotels are not wasting time making up for the low occupancy they had to endure. Incidentally, there are number of things that hotels can do to increase sales. The trick is to use a multi-pronged approach. Discussed here are some strategic ways through which hotels can increase their sales and profit margin: Smart and Systematic Approa... New User Interface Launched!


Jun 19, 2013

HotelCluster announces the launch of's new user interface which has been entirely redesigned with a fresh template that makes the navigation faster and easier than ever before. The team of developers and designers applied their best efforts in due course of time and learned through experiences to make more user-friendly so that the property owners and the travelers can experience a rich and seamless browsing when they are using this portal. Visit HotelCluster.c...

8 Ways to Become an Outstanding Hotel General Manager

Jun 3, 2013

Working as a General Manager of a hotel is indeed an important position. It is your job to ensure that the hotel runs efficiently and generates profits. If you want to be successful as a General Manager, you need to take a few strategic steps to ensure your hotel runs profitably during peak seasons as well as during the times when the occupancy is low. 1. Give Respect and Show Appreciation to Hotel Employees In any hotel, it is the employees that make an impression on the guests. They are ...