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Use These Smart Ways to Get More Guest Feedback and Boost Hotel Bookings

customer feedback

Nov 22, 2016

A feedback from your hotel guests, whether good or bad, is the key to managing a flourishing hotel. Hotel reservation is largely impacted by guest reviews, particularly online. Customer feedback - positive or negative - is crucial for every hotel, as it gives a definite indication on where you are wrong and how to improve the business to make your customers' experience a positive one. Knowing the likes and dislikes of your guests is the first step in improving your hotel, and in turn getting m...

Top 4 Reasons Unhappy Customer Don’t Complain

hotel reception

Oct 17, 2016

Hotel industry is all about service and hospitality. Quite often, it is presumed that as long as the guests aren't complaining, they are satisfied. This, however, is a highly misconceived notion. A research shows that only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers actually raise their opinion. The rest agitate. And 91% of those unhappy guests, who do not complain about the issues they experience, simply leave. It is a rather regrettable situation for hotels, as another study suggests that acquiring a new ...

Hospitality Industry – New Digital Trends


Apr 21, 2014

With an increased focus on travel for business and pleasure, and a growing desire among people to experience the best of food and hospitality during their travels, the hospitality industry is in a beautiful phase. It is the ripe time to tap immense potentials and opportunities. Evaluate the following 8 digital trends making the rounds of the hospitality sector to create maximum impact on your customers. 1. Targeting Mobile Customers Most of your customers would be spending a far greater...

How to Get More Hotel Bookings Through Your Hotel Website

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Apr 6, 2014

Tourism industry has developed a great extent. The advent of technology and internet facilities have made getting info regarding any place of visit, hotels and other travel necessities easier than before. Now almost 45% of the hotel bookings are done online, this has protruded the importance of implementing various efficient techniques to increase traffic for your hotel’s website and ensure more online bookings. Here we offer some smarts ways to make your website more attractive and profitabl...

Online Hotel Distribution System And Marketing Strategy 2014 – INFOGRAPHIC


Feb 20, 2014

2013 witnessed the dominance of OTAs, Social media and the assurgent meta search. Will 2014 be a similar mixed bag? Here is an Infographic on "Hotel Online Distribution Trends" about what we thing you should consider before you overhaul your online hotel distribution and marketing strategy for 2014. Source: eRevMax...

How Important Is To Write And Search Hotel Reviews Online

Hotel Search Engine Website

Dec 18, 2013

Importance of Online Hotel Reviews and Rating A year 2013 in a review and as per market surveys, approximately 81% of travelers refer to online hotel reviews offered by guests who have stayed at a particular hotel. Individuals tend to believe in what other people have to say about a particular place, rather than use their own judgment. And this is correct, since the person writing a review narrates his or her personal experiences, and has no particular grievance against the institution or place...