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7 P’s of the Success in the Hospitality industry

Hotel Management Tips

Jun 16, 2017

Being successful is not an overnight task, it needs patience, proficiency, planning and passionate hard work. The hotel manager is the position where you need to be the jack of all the trades, which is tough but the attainable goal. As the success of the hotel depends on the hotel managements, it’s important to be with the trend and updated. Following are the seven P’s to be followed to be successful Hotel Manager. 1. Be Proficient The first step to the success is the knowledge of the ...

Become A Successful Sales Person In Hospitality Industry

Jun 30, 2016

As a salesperson in the hospitality industry, targets may often appear earthily impossible. You may have before you the task of getting people to stay at your hotel even when a good number of factors may be deterring them. To make it harder, you know that most people are quite resistant to sales calls! However, there are numerous smart ways to fill up your hotel with guests and send them home happy. Go through the following points to get an idea of a few tactics you could be using as a salesper...

10 Trends That Will Impact The Hotel Industry in 2016

Trend in Hospitality Industry

Jan 29, 2016

By virtue of the economic stage we're at, will be a terrific year for the hotel industry. Hoteliers who realize the potential and go by a few smartly observed hospitality industry trends will be able to reap the benefits not just when the market is ripe but also when things go for a downturn. The Top 10 Hotel Trends for 2016 Are Going To Be: 1. The Invasion of Business Analytics Analytics are more pervasive than we ever imagined. Utilize the power of good data analysis and you'll be able to t...

How Bad Translations Creates Confusion and Dissatisfaction to Guests

Phrases to Avoid in Customer Service

Nov 30, 2015

Globalization has been a blessing for the hotel and hospitality industry. Today, people are traveling the length and breadth of the world either for business or pleasure, as it has never been this easy to enjoy international travel. Hotels are competing with one another to grab a larger share of the pie. While you can communicate with guests from your own country without any hassle, it is the foreign guests that pose a challenge. You can make your foreign guests feel at home by offering somethin...

Why Hotels Need Risk Assessment


Oct 30, 2015

Hotel risk assessment is a major part of hotel security and safety. Every hotel needs to make it a point to get proper risk assessment procedures in place irrespective of their star status. This way avoidable hazards like fires, slipping, falling and injury can be prevented. There are multiple benefits that come along with hotel risk management and they include: 1. Prevention is Always Better than Cure Imagine you have an accident at your hotel and you could have prevented it. You will be d...

Make Your Hotel a Safer Place with These 8 Security Improving Tips

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Sep 17, 2015

Hotels are fast becoming a soft target for criminal and terrorist activities. The associated losses are not only at a great scale but also hold the risk of permanently damaging a hotel's reputation. To safeguard your hotel and its guests, it is necessary to take safety and security as a priority. Here are the top 8 steps towards improving hotel security for hotels of all ratings and magnitudes. 1. Don't Underestimate the Advantages of CCTV Cameras There is no denying that CCTV cameras, at som...