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8 Ways to Become an Outstanding Hotel General Manager

Jun 3, 2013

Working as a General Manager of a hotel is indeed an important position. It is your job to ensure that the hotel runs efficiently and generates profits. If you want to be successful as a General Manager, you need to take a few strategic steps to ensure your hotel runs profitably during peak seasons as well as during the times when the occupancy is low. 1. Give Respect and Show Appreciation to Hotel Employees In any hotel, it is the employees that make an impression on the guests. They are ...

Service with a Smile – Best Tips for Hotel Employees


May 27, 2013

At times you may come across individuals who are endeavoring to keep a pleasant smile on their face. For instance, if you see the servers at a hotel you can notice that despite having an awful day they keep up their smile, while saying a gracious hello to take your order. This type of cheerful gesture not only gives you a welcomed feel but also allows you to have pleasant dine. You may also want to leave a generous tip while leaving. If you are in hospitality industry it will be difficult for...

Be a Good Hotel Guest – Know Thy Etiquette

Hotel FrontDesk

Feb 5, 2013

While many people may complain about the service they get in a hotel or the room they stayed in, it is also important to be a good hotel guest. It can make your life and the hotel staff’s life easy and perhaps help you have an enjoyable and memorable stay. Here are some tips that will show you how to be a better hotel guest and how you can show your appreciation for the hardworking hotel staff. How to Behave on Arriving If the hotel has valet and doorman service, drive to the entran...