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8 Hotel Hacks to Make your Business Trip Smoother


Feb 29, 2016

When traveling frequently for work (or pleasure), it is always best to keep a few things in mind to avoid hassles and make life easier. So acquaint yourself with a few clever 'hacks' and enjoy a smoother sailing. Here are a few hotel room hacks that will help make your business trip easier and more suited to your tight schedule. 1. An alternative charger option Sometimes, in your haste to get out the door and catch the flight, you may forget the most essential item - your charger. Your la...

The World Of Business Travel Has Changed By New Requirements

Business Traveler Requirements

Jun 17, 2015

As a hotelier or professional in the hospitality and service industry, it is important to know your customers. If you anticipate what your customers need, you will be working towards customer loyalty and customer delight. A happy and satisfied customer will always return and become your most profitable source of marketing. So here are some business travel trends you should be aware of to cater to that section of your clientele that keeps roving around the world and returning to stay at your hot...

Ten Most Valued Hotel Amenities for Business Travelers

Business Traveler Requirements

Mar 19, 2013

Clean rooms and comfortable beds are important, but today's business travelers want a lot more than that. If you own a hotel and are interested in attracting more business travelers, you should be aware of what amenities they usually look for. This will allow you to introduce those amenities in your hotel, which, in turn, will attract business travelers who prefer your hotel over the others. Here are top 10 amenities that you should include in your hotel if you want to attract business traveler...

Smart Tips to Find Affordable Hotels in Orlando


Aug 23, 2012

The busy tourist city of Florida, Orlando is the favorite vacations spot of many international and American visitors. The significant presence of the Walt Disney group and many other attractions for tourists like amusement parks, resorts and high-street shopping make Orlando a beautiful place to spend your vacations. Owing to the huge number of tourists in Orlando nearly all year round, finding the perfect place to stay becomes difficult. Also, because the demand for hotel rooms is quite high...