Nov 23, 2012

Book Hotel at the Right Time to Bring down Your Travel Budget

book a hotel roomHotel expenses constitute a significant portion of a travel budget. Smart travelers can bring down their travel budget considerably by booking hotels at the right time. This article offers you five tips that can help you book a hotel room at strategic times that wins you attractive discounts.

1. Book in advance

If you are a wise traveler you will always like to book your hotel room before even leaving your home for your holiday destination. It saves you a lot of hassle later as you can straightaway get your hotel room keys from the reception desk of your hotel once you check in. Imagine having to search for a good hotel room after a tiring journey! If you book a hotel room in advance you are able to get the best deals that are available and you will get to save money because that way you will not be hit by the last-minute price hike by the hoteliers. Travel experts suggestion is to book a hotel at least a month in advance to get a good deal and more so if you are planning a trip around peak holiday season.

2. Strike the last moment booking advantage

Flexible traveler can take last minute advantage of booking a hotel room. This is because hotel managers give discounts to travelers at the last minute in order to fill the empty rooms. By offering last moment discount, hotels do not lose money that much as might be the case if there are no reservations at all. But most hotels do not give discounts below a certain price even if they have plenty of empty rooms to protect their room rates and because they do not want it to be a regular practice with their clients. Or else people might request for these discounts every time.

3. Avoid peak holiday time periods if you can

If you are a budget traveler it is wiser to avoid the peak time periods in a holiday season. Hoteliers take advantage of the high demand and hike up the hotel room prices. You may have to shell out more for room bookings and your travel budget may take a hit. A bit of research in advance may help you to know whether there are any planned major events ahead so that you can avoid the price increases. Besides, if you have a flexible schedule, book hotel rooms for weekdays as the room prices are usually more for weekends owing to a higher demand.

4. Do a bit of research on travel sites

By surfing the net you can find out about the different hotel room rates and accordingly you can make a comparison. With the click of a mouse you can go through all the price rates and then decide on the one that suits your budget. There are many dedicated hotel rate comparison websites that can help you learn about the best time to make a booking.

5. Telephone Bookings are helpful

It can save you a lot of money if you inquire over room rates via telephone. By talking over phone, you can learn about special rates not declared on the website. You can speak to the hotel staff and get a feel of the prospective discount days when the guest volume is expected to be low. You may call at regular intervals to keep a track of the prices from time to time in order to avail the best rates.

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  • Dan O’Malley

    The last two are big ones for me when I travel for extended planned stays or long vacations. Nice Article

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