Jun 30, 2013

Places To Go For Holidays In September Around The World

September is the ninth month of the year and is unbeatable the most pleasant month to travel around the world. Starting September 1st, travelers start packing their bags preparing for exploration and adventure in all corners of the world. Traveling in this month has a lot of benefits: there are fewer crowds, the weather is pleasing, and seas are balmy. The cities are alive with the festivals and people are in the mood to cherish this special atmosphere. Below are the top ten, must see places this September.

San Francisco, USA


San Francisco is a great city with many districts that have a lot to offer visitors. You can enjoy magnificent sightseeing, exciting nightlife, restaurants, accommodations and much more. This is a major city in California and is the centerpiece of the Bay Area. Travelers can stroll in San Francisco and have a lot of fun. There are many places like Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, Golden Gate, Chinatown, North Bridge, Union Square, etc. Visitors often love to see the place while riding cable cars; they are a San Francisco delight. History lovers can find a lot at this place, and there are some wondrous museums in San Francisco. When it comes to food, San Francisco offers a bit of everything to food lovers. There are restaurants that serve authentic Mediterranean and continental dishes at affordable prices.

Antalya, Turkey


This beautiful city is said to be the capital of Turkish tourism. The city attracts nearly 10 million foreign visitors annually. It has everything including sunny weather, blue seas, green trees and majestic mountains. The city is rich in history which lures people interested in the past. Tourists find pleasure year round here. Its spotless beaches, comfortable accommodation, harbor and entertainment spots engage visitors and lead them to fall in love with Antalya. If you are fond of sunbathing, this is the place for you. Tourists enjoy Turkish delicacies and welcoming greetings from locals.

Mallorca, Spain


Mallorca is the largest of all the Balearic Islands. Until the year 1950, the place was had not been developed. Recently it draws in 10 million visitors annually; such is the beauty of this place. Tourists visit this place in search of the sun, sea waters and beautiful sand. The beaches of Mallorca are world famous and the main attraction of the island. People come here for sunbathing, water sports and many other activities. The mountains located on the island provide an escape from the beach with their flowers, trees, and assorted vegetation.  People can also visit villages located throughout the island.  The Mediterranean food is a great delicacy to enjoy and is served cooked to perfection. The best time to visit this place is from September to November. During this period, the sun is warm and the prices are low.

Rome, Italy


Rome, the capital of Italy is one of the great cities to live, not only in Europe but in the entire world. History aficionados often visit this place for the magnificent and spectacular monuments from the past. Rome is said to be the treasure house of Italy and brings in visitors from around the world. Tourists can enjoy arts and crafts, history and many forms of entertainment. The spectacular, classical statues in Rome are awe-inspiring. Food lovers enjoy this place the most. They can find delicious Italian delicious in all flavors. There are thousands of pizzerias, restaurants, bars, and wine shops to satisfy any craving.

Athens, Greece


Athens, Greece is said to be the oldest city in Europe. It’s the perfect place for history aficionados; there are stories of god, athletes and goddess that abound here. People visit this place to swim in the serene and clear waters. The city also boasts an exciting nightlife, dance clubs give you the chance to relax and rock out. For those not interested in wilder activities, ancient temples and wonderful shopping venues abound. This city is for people of all ages, from kids to senior citizen. The best time to visit the city is by mid September. During this period the temperatures begin to cool and crowds are not as large. The beauty of the city can be experienced by wearing a light jacket or overcoat. Choosing this time will allow you to do more without waiting in lines and will therefore provide a more memorable trip.

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia


Kuta, Bali in Indonesia is an easy to reach place. It is world renowned for its water surfing. Tourists from all over come to partake of the sandy beaches. This place is a gem for nature lovers and tops tourist destination charts. People come with their families, friends and in groups. The best time to visit is in September to enjoy perfect outdoor weather. Along the beach, travelers can find sellers offering food, drinks, surfboards and many other things. Tourist often shop for local handicrafts from this place and keep them as a memory of their trip to Kuta.

Maldives, Republic of the Maldives


The Maldives have faced a lot of natural disasters, including the tsunami and coral bleaching. Still, they have managed to attract millions of visitors yearly. The Maldives have many things to offers visitors, apart from the blue waters and the warm sun. They are a paradise for honeymooners, divers and sun bathers. People from all religions and countries visit this place, and it tops destination charts. The Maldives are located in the center of the Indian Ocean and surrounded by a series of coral reefs. The immense beauty of this place has enthralled visitors and left them speechless.

Pokhara, Nepal


Pokhara’s beauty has been written about by many people. The peaceful weather, stunning snow peaks, greeneries and many more things make the place worth visiting. The three lakes, Phewa, Begnas and Rupa, add to the beauty to Pokhara. People often come here in search of peace and tranquility. This place is a perfect for trekkers; they come here and try various adventures available in the valley region. It’s on the must visit list, if you are in Nepal. There is a lot to see and admire in Pokhara, nature is at its best here.

Beijing, China


Beijing is a royal city. It prefers its visitors like delicious restaurants, exciting nightlife, comfortable accommodation and spectacular sightseeing. It’s the capital of China, the world’s most populous country, and it’s the second largest city in the world. Hundreds of skyscrapers dot the city, showing the architectural advances Beijing has made over the years. An ancient castle resides in Beijing that lures many history lovers. Travelers can visit the place in any season and enjoy the weather. Every year millions of travelers visit this beautiful city and take memories home with them. There are many scenic spots and sites in the city that are easily reachable. A few of its attractions are the Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace, Capital Museum, Panda House, Lama Temple, the silk market, the Forbidden City, National Grand Theater and many others.

Zambia, Africa


Zambia is set apart from other places with its overwhelming, natural wonders. It has tons of wildlife, huge open areas and many bodies of water. Tourists come here to experience the real Africa. They say it’s heaven and a once in a lifetime experience. Zambia boasts some of the best wildlife parks in the entire world and many other irresistible sites. There is a lot of peace here that attracts people from across the globe. People stumble upon nature at every turn and experience untold beauty. Victoria Falls is a major draw for tourists and stands apart from the seventeen other waterfalls located here. People often visit this place from September to November, though it’s very hot during this time. It is the perfect time for wildlife safaris though.

The world is full of travel attractions and endless lists of prospective locations may be made, but these top ten places will surely lure you and make your travel journey mesmerizing.

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