Dec 26, 2013

Top 11 Sexiest College Spring Break Party Destinations In USA

Every US college student looks forward to the Spring Break to take off to a place that is warm and sunny. Many students have already begun researching for the spring break destinations but, One thing we would like to remind you all is that you don’t have to forget also researching for cheap and affordable college spring break packages and deals as you are a college student with small pocket money and limited budget.

Spring Break Sun City

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Here are some suggested hot places in USA to go for enjoy college spring break parties with friends and families.

Spring Break Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of the cheapest and most popular spring break party locations in the U.S. It costs less than $600 for a person including accommodation, food and everything. There are plenty of things to do here. The beaches, especially Puerto Vallarta, Mexico are most popular for parasailing and jet-skiing. They also have their unique dance which is performed at almost every resort. You also get to visit the famous Mayan site called the Chichen Itza and it is being called the latest wonder of the world. It is also being branded as the hottest spring break destinations for US students.

Spring Break Panama City Beach, Florida

If you are looking for best places to travel in the United States in March or April for spring break vacation, then you must surely consider Panama City. It is the epitome of spring breaks in the USA. There are hundreds of resorts organizing beach parties which go along the night. The Daytona Beach, Florida is a 23 miles stretch. It has been the headquarters for a spring break from ages. At nights this place turns into a party haven. The parties start as early as 10 am. Entry to the beach is free and you can party hard until the wee hours of the morning. These beaches are warm and sunny in the spring and are welcoming. So shed your skin and transform into a party animal. It is known for its bikini culture and live concerts like reggae and razzles.

Spring Break Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic welcomes many spring break students to one of the best USA places to go on college spring break vacation. It greets you to the world of clubbing, water sports, and fun filled warm spring. You get a catamaran tour of the entire island and a jungle safari. The whole place turns into a mesmerizing island like you would be lost. The beach is a paradise where dolphins swim with you and you take a land tour on ATV’s. This kind of entertainment engulfs everything a college student can ask for.

Spring Break Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas, USA is home to the golden sands beaches. It is one of the top spring break destinations. Spring breakers participate in the several spring break Mardi Gras parties. Live bands perform at large here. Senor Frogs is the most popular Mexican chain here and offers amazing food and drinks. You can also visit the Blue Lagoon which is a private island party and you will find hundreds of US college students along with you. The sea life is great here and you will find the dolphins and the sting rays on the shores with you.

Spring Break Negril, Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica, USA is one of the most popular places today for youngsters from colleges. The beaches are gorgeous with plenty of sea life. People are heading out to newer places all around the year and want new types of entertainment. Words are less spoken and experiences speak for themselves. You should visit Negril for a college spring vacation.

Spring Break South Beach, Miami

Miami is the ultimate destination for clubbing and partying in the whole world and is reckoned as one of the best places to visit in USA during March and April. Well, who hasn’t heard about South Beach in Miami? It has maintained its reputation as the topmost spring vacation spot. It has a place for everyone as it boasts of cheapest to the most luxurious spots. In fact it is one of the best places for affordable spring breaks in the U.S. Most Florida beaches are warm and welcoming. So why not explore your spring break options in Miami.

Spring Break Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the Mecca for holidaying. The city which is visible from the moon is one of the best U.S places to go on a vacation. Casinos, night clubs, canyons, wildlife and everything else one could ask for is here. Live the grand life here. It has been rated as one of the top spring break destinations. Las Vegas is full of life and has something for everyone, from young to old. Be a part of the Vegas entertainment scene and have a rollicking time with your friends.

Spring Break South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre, Texas, USA is the best place to throw a college spring break party. Dance, entertainment, clubbing, night parties are all rolled into one place. Some of the greatest rock shows are held in San Padre. Bikini’s are most welcome here and more than welcome are the spring parties which are crazy in nature. Adventure sports like bungee jumping and water sports are also a craze here. Promise yourself a great and a fabulous spring party.

Spring Break Lake Havasu, Arizona

Lake Havasu, Arizona, USA is known as the no man’s island. This is the partying home when it comes to springsters. Thousands of students from across the United States flock here to party. It is a lesser known destination but popular among the students who know it the best. The party goes on from dusk to dawn. There is no stop or start to the parties. It is one of the best spring break trips to the hottest USA beach destinations for college students.

Spring Break Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

For many of the US college students, a spring break doesn’t essentially mean only partying. And thankfully, Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica, USA is not just about partying. Here students can look forward to enjoy a lot of adventure sports like rappelling through the waterfalls and rafting in fast waters. Besides, there are hundreds of coffee plantations which you can explore on a horseback and also get a glimpse of the Arenal volcano. There are several surf schools in Tamarindo which will teach you to swim with hundreds of species of fish. So from horseback to water life, you have everything to ask for when at Tamarindo. Moreover, the city is not in dearth of night life and clubbing. So make the best of your spring break here.

Spring Break Acapulco, Mexico

For every US college student, spring break is the ultimate time to have fun. Acapulco, Mexico, USA is the hot spot for spring breakers. There are plenty of resorts to accommodate several holiday lovers and the party scene is great. The party goes on 24/7. Some resorts offer great deals. It does prove to be a cheap college spring break deal for college students. Cliff hangers and sky diving are the top attractions of this city. So why not indulge yourself in this spring.

So, why are you waiting for Guys??? Now, you have better idea of sexiest places in USA to go for college spring break vacation and parties. Sure, not only you will have a lot of fun and excitement, it will also be the most memorable spring break of your college life. Just go through this suggested places in USA by and enjoy your college spring break.

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