Feb 29, 2016

8 Hotel Hacks to Make your Business Trip Smoother

When traveling frequently for work (or pleasure), it is always best to keep a few things in mind to avoid hassles and make life easier. So acquaint yourself with a few clever ‘hacks’ and enjoy a smoother sailing.

Here are a few hotel room hacks that will help make your business trip easier and more suited to your tight schedule.


1. An alternative charger option

Sometimes, in your haste to get out the door and catch the flight, you may forget the most essential item – your charger. Your laptop, tablet or even phone will be useless if the battery doesn’t last. This could create a major dilemma. So what you can do is use the port on the TV to charge your devices. Keeping the television on will charge your gadgets.

2. Use the hotel Wi-Fi

Use this Internet connectivity once you register as a guest. The hotel is bound to make their Wi-Fi password available. So in order to save money, you can use this to make international calls that will be free of cost.

3. Block the light

After a long journey, you need sleep. Sometimes, the streetlight shining through your curtain can be irritating. All you need is a clip hanger to fasten the curtains together and keep the light out. However, if the light is coming in from the corridor, you can block this out by rolling a towel and placing it under the door. Not only will this keep the light away, but it will also keep outside noises form disturbing your sleep.

4. Voice out your needs

Feel free to express your preferences. After all, it is very rare that the hotel will say no to a customer. Any necessities like toiletries that you may have forgotten to carry along, ask the management as they just may have what you need.

5. Grab the conditioner the hotel offers

Although not many of us are aware of this, the one thing you always get is free conditioner. This can be used for various purposes, from shining your shoes to removing makeup and using it to wash your hands. So instead of running out to get these things, let the conditioner do the job.

6. Improve audio the easy way

If you feel like enjoying music when in your hotel room, you may have a problem. All hotel rooms are not equipped with good speakers for your use. Instead, what you can do is place your phone or MP3 player into a glass or mug and create your own audio system.

7. Use steam to un-wrinkle your clothes

If you want to keep clothes from getting wrinkled, turn them inside out and wrap it in soft items. If this doesn’t work and if your room doesn’t have an iron, here’s a hack that will really help you out. Turn on your shower and let the room get heated up with the steam. Once this is done, hang your clothes in there and wait for about 20 minutes. You will be surprised to see that the wrinkles have vanished and you can go for your meeting looking professional. Packing your clothes in plastic dry cleaning bags also helps reduce wrinkling.

8. Save money on your hotel bill

If you want to bring down your travel expense or if you want to derive the best value out of your travel allowance, you can check out a number of hotel room apps that offer great discounts on hotel bookings. Besides, you can also check out apps where people sell their hotel rooms bookings at a good discount because their meeting got cancelled. Alternatively, you may also sell your non-refundable hotel room booking in case your meeting gets postponed or cancelled at the last moment.

These are some simple ways in which you can have a good experience and make the most of your time away even if you did not carry all that you should have.



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