Jun 16, 2017

7 P’s of the Success in the Hospitality industry

Being successful is not an overnight task, it needs patience, proficiency, planning and passionate hard work. The hotel manager is the position where you need to be the jack of all the trades, which is tough but the attainable goal. As the success of the hotel depends on the hotel managements, it’s important to be with the trend and updated. Following are the seven P’s to be followed to be successful Hotel Manager.

Hotel Management Tips

1. Be Proficient

The first step to the success is the knowledge of the industry. Being a manager doesn’t end the scope of improvement for you, still, there is plenty of new things yet to be learned. Reserve an hour to check out what is the news of the industry, do research and have an eye on the new trends of the field. This will not just improve your performance but also help you in training your staff and providing the best services.

2. Peer support

A successful venture is the result of efforts of the Manager and a good team. As a team leader, you should choose the team which has the skills and right attitude towards the job. Your job isn’t to end there; you need to give constant attention on their work, training, new scopes etc. The unsatisfied staff often results in the unhappy customers, so make sure that you are listening problems and solve it accordingly. Behind the successful manager, there is always a good team!

3. Proper delegation of responsibilities

Being the leader doesn’t mean that you should do all things on own. A good manager knows how to get done work from others, so delegate the tasks. Through this, you can manage the working flow and staff effectively. By delegating the task you can always have an eye on the how the business is actually working and find the scope of improving.

4. Pivotal Approach

When you are the captain, you can’t take a step back when it’s time to take quick decisions. There is no place for over thinking or doubts. Being a manager there are plenty of things which needs your approval. As you have lots of meetings and talks to make certain conclusions, the lake of decisive capacity can be a hurdle in your success way. You can always learn it. Good leaders are also the expert decision makers!

5. The prime focus is customers

The aim of any Hotel Manager is to provide the service, which makes the customer satisfied. Being a manager, you should focus on the customer reviews and complaints. Having conversations with your guest will make them feel important and leave a good impression. Listening customer’s problems with patience and converting the bad reviews in the good one is an art for being the successful Hotel Manager.

6. Be prepared

Well, you have planned the whole work and the business is going smoothly, it’s the good thing, but you should be always prepared for the emergencies and unfavorable conditions. Train your staff for the emergencies such natural calamities or criminal attacks. Have the proper announcement systems and first aid box ready and in good working condition. Handling of unfavorable situation represents your abilities as the successful leader and manager both.

7. Pleasant working instead of working pressure

Being the team leader is a stressful job and often it reflects in the behavior of the managers. It’s normal scenery, that the manager is scolding the hotel staff or misbehaving with the guest. Well, it can be hazardous to your hotel and career both. Have the smile and solve the issues with the positive attitude. Being the leader you should motivate the staff and create a good working environment. A happy leader doubles the efficiency of the unit!

The above are the few tips to help you. You can always find new ways to improve and to be successful.

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