Feb 27, 2018

10 Current Hospitality Industry Trends to Watch Out

The hotel industry is a tricky one – one wants it to be as technologically advanced as traditionally bent. With an all-time-high boom in interest in travel, and particularly the immersive kind, the hospitality sector has a big role to play and bigger potential gains to make. If you are a hotel owner, assimilating heritage and local delight with technology is something you absolutely need to do to reap the benefits of the times.

10 Impactful Hotel Industry Trends to Watch Out For

Let’s have a look at the following top 10 current hospitality trends.


1. Enhance the “Local” Experience

Make your space one with its surroundings. Let the local culture flow seamlessly into your hotel. Use local products for food, décor and wherever else possible, tie up with day-trip providers and other service providers around your area and serve excellent local cuisine among other little steps towards creating a wholesome local experience.

2. Create a Lobby that Serves as a Space to Work and Socialize

Create a lobby that people want to spend time in. Who wouldn’t be enticed to stay in a hotel that regularly hosts local artists, musicians and entertainers? In addition, design a lobby that encourages social interactions.

From semi-private meetings to striking a chat with a fellow stranger, the lobby should be conducive to it all. For guests that need to work in the lobby, there should be workstations with charging points. And one indispensable feature is good Wi-Fi connectivity in the lobby – if this one goes amiss, people will be far less likely to stay there for long!

3. Make Use of Virtual Reality to Give Guests a Feel of Your Hotel

Give people a simulation of being in your property before they even book. And voila, you will already have made a rocking first impression on prospective clients. Hotels are increasingly making use of interactive technologies like 360 to offer users an “in the room” feel when making a hotel booking.

4. Redefine your Check-In Process

hotel check-in kiosk machine

Image credit- Streven Raj

A great way to wow your guests is by offering them super-quick, easy and highly customized check-in. Tech-advanced hotels are making use of check-in kiosk at the front desk to automate the process and make things smoother for guests. Some hotels even have apps that allow visitors to check-in and even unlock their room door using smart phones. More usage of smart phones is anticipated in near future to further streamline the check-in process in hotels.

5. Implement Loyalty Programs

You certainly must reward your loyal customers. The key is to use technology thoroughly for keeping track of repeat bookings and efficiently sending out loyalty points or other incentives for such customers. You could also find a way to track and reward genuine reviewers who talk highly of your property.

Guest relations desk at hotel

6. Benefit from Live Chats to Ensure Faster Conversion

Put chat bots to work for giving people all the information they require before making a booking. Chat bots are able to interact with customers in a conversational style and respond to commonly asked questions. These bots facilitates hotels to dispense information quickly and thereby help significantly in conversions.

7. Understand the Relevance of IoT and Big Data’s Use

Hotel industry is keen on using Internet of Things (IoT) to gather and make use of big data to anticipate the needs and preferences of guests and offer even more personalized services. Using smart devices hoteliers are collecting data on your bookings so that they are aware about which facilities guests primarily search for when they look for accommodations, what aspects of the property and service are people most appreciating, etc.

Having a collated date can substantially help hoteliers in attracting more people to their hotel. No wonder, IoT has caught on really fast in the hospitality industry; and will soon be something guests begin to expect at all major hotels.

8. Make the Best Use of the Data

Invest in some good analytics tools. Data is one of the strongest sources for drawing insights that can increase conversion rate, enhance people’s experience at your property, drive up revenues and give you new ideas of features to introduce in your hotel. Do not ignore this abundant resource!

9. Adopt Home-Sharing and Enable its Ease of Booking Using Tech

Hotel booking websites have revolutionized how we look at vacation accommodation. However, travelers today demand way more than just a plush place to stay in for a short while; now, the stay is quite as much a part of the entire immersion experience that travelers seek. To cater to their needs, hotel booking websites have introduced a co-living trend.

This trend allows guests to co-share properties so that they can interact with other travelers and get a close community-like feel. Even big hotel brands see potential in this trend and are keen on making investments in home-sharing companies and platforms.

10. Using Storytelling to Sell a Room

Plain old hospitality is passé. People expect a romanticized, or at least a humanized version of facts around when they travel. The same extends to hotels. Say what makes you unique, talk about the star employ who has been with your hotel for years, speak about how you sourced the various art pieces that adorn the hotel – and you’ll need to tell numerous stories to amuse and entice guests.

Adopt technology and create an experience more beautiful than ever before for guests at your hotel – and everybody will gain from it.

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