10 Current Hospitality Industry Trends to Watch Out

10 Impactful Hotel Industry Trends to Watch Out For

Feb 27, 2018

The hotel industry is a tricky one – one wants it to be as technologically advanced as traditionally bent. With an all-time-high boom in interest in travel, and particularly the immersive kind, the hospitality sector has a big role to play and bigger potential gains to make. If you are a hotel owner, assimilating heritage and local delight with technology is something you absolutely need to do to reap the benefits of the times. Let's have a look at the following top 10 current hospitality t...

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7 P’s of the Success in the Hospitality industry

Hotel Management Tips

Jun 16, 2017

Being successful is not an overnight task, it needs patience, proficiency, planning and passionate hard work. The hotel manager is the position where you need to be the jack of all the trades, which is tough but the attainable goal. As the success of the hotel depends on the hotel managements, it’s important to be with the trend and updated. Following are the seven P’s to be followed to be successful Hotel Manager. 1. Be Proficient The first step to the success is the knowledge of the ...

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Trends and Predictions for Millennial Business Travelers

tips for millennial business travelers

May 15, 2017

Gone are the days when people travelled exclusively for a business meeting or to strike a deal with a prospective client. Today's smart business travelers ensure they get both business and leisure while on a business trip. This trend of combining business with leisure is being termed ‘Bleisure'. Business travelers make full use of their time in hotels, in between transits and even during breaks in a meeting. Tech savvy passengers use e-boarding passes, hotel check-in apps and in-flight Wi-F...

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Guest Room Cleaning Checklist

guest room cleaning

Jan 30, 2017

Every guest that visit's our home (or even a hotel room) needs to have a pleasant stay along with a neat and tidy surroundings. Keeping a guest happy should be your prime motto. Whether it's a hotel room or a guest room at your house, it is important to prepare a checklist and follow it. This will not only help to quicken the process but also helps in making sure nothing Is left out. It is advisable to have a top to bottom cleaning approach. If you are wondering how to prepare the checklist, d...

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Top 10 Romantic Destinations in The USA You Would Love to Visit

romantic getaways

Jan 9, 2017

The mundane life that we live everyday leaves one with little energy to spend quality time with our partner/spouse. Therefore, it is important that we take a hiatus from the stress of real life and spend some off time with our loved ones. While there are several resplendent locations in the United States to rekindle that romance, here we have picked our top 10 romantic getaways in the US that are sure to reignite your love-life and bring you closer to your partner. 1. Maui The shimmering b...

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How to Get a Waiver on Hotel Cancellation Fee

cancel hotel reservation

Dec 13, 2016

Whenever a travel plan is canned, besides getting disappointed about missing out on a good break, what pinches a traveler is the hotel cancellation fee. Resorts, hotels and B&Bs, typically charge a fee for cancelling a reservation. Every hotel has a cancellation policy specifying how much amount is charged and when is it charged. Most hotels charge anywhere between 50-100% cancellation fees within 24 to 48 hours before check-in. As a customer, it is disheartening seeing your hard earned m...

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