Top 10 Must-Visit Beach Destinations

For many people best vacations are the ones that are spent on the sunny beaches leisurely relaxing on sandy sea shores. The beach has different significance for different people – some love the activity, action and the colors that beach vacation offers, while others look forward to the silence and calm of the soft sea waves. Whatever your style is, here is a list of some of the best beaches in the world that you can consider putting on your next vacation agenda.


The glamorous beaches of Brazil are a delightful treat to your senses. Brazilian lifestyle revolves around the beach, and you too can get your share of it in the many Brazilian coastal cities. Rainforest beaches of the Amazon, the exquisite white sand beach of Lopes Mendes, and the chic beaches of Florianopolis – Brazil is simply the Mecca of beach lovers.


Greece has numerous exotic beaches which are calmer and less crowded than in many other destinations. You can relax, eat great food, and enjoy romantic sunny afternoons on any of the Grecian beaches.


A dose of history and loads of beach fun – Hawaii is a popular American beach destination. You can soak up the sun, play water sports, and enjoy lively and musical evenings in the Hawaiian Islands.


This European beach destination is best known for its diving spots. Gozo is a popular island in Malta that many tourists visit. You can also visit places of historic and cultural significance during your stay in Gozo.


The southeastern beach destination has a distinct Asian personality that makes the place worth visiting. Pattaya and the Phuket islands have beautiful beaches. The mesmerizing music and dance performances will make your evenings as amusing as your days at the lovely beaches.


Bali in Indonesia is one of the world’s best beaches. If you are an ardent beach fan, you can’t miss a trip to Bali. You can visit the temples, watch enthralling dances, eat authentic Indonesian cuisines, and take long walks on the coast at night.


The Turquoise Coast in Turkey has several wonders to wow you. You can dwell in the calmness, stay in luxurious beach resorts, and enjoy the breathtaking performances of Turkish belly dancers.


In south Portugal, along the coast of the Atlantic, lies The Algarve, which is known for its picturesque beaches, limestone caves, and dreamy landscapes. You can reach the place through Faro which is the nearest city with air access.


Play in the sand, bask in the sun, and party hard in the Bulgarian beach cities for an ultimate vacation experience. The Black Sea coast lined beaches are just as enticing to look at as they are fun to spend time at.


Central America has this lovely pearl of a destination that you can visit with your family or friends. Panama is no less than any other beaches in the region, but offers amazing cost benefits for those traveling on a budget as travel and lodging costs are relatively cheaper than in other American states.
So which one of these awesome destinations do you choose for your next trip in the sand?

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