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Best US Destinations To Go In March To Enjoy Spring Break Party

joshuatreenationalpark Good weather does a world of good to people. It can bring the best out of us, inspire travel and explore places to enrich and learn about different cultures. Spring time puts a spring on people's feet to seek newer adventures and broaden horizons. While there are many places that you can visit during spring, there are some that offer more than the usual vacation getaway. If you know these hidden treasures, you will never look at March the same way! Enjoy the salubrious climate and rejuvenating ...

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11 Useful Tips To Follow When Traveling In Developing Countries

traveling in developing countries If you love traveling on the road less chosen and have a strong desire to visit developing countries like India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Morocco, Myanmar or Ukraine, you must educate yourself on correct ways of behavior in these countries. Don't let this dampen your spirits: learn as much as much as possible about the people of these countries and go out and enjoy the food, landscapes, local traditions and much more. How do you prepare for a visit to a developing country? Here are some guidelines ...

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Social Media Effects On Modern Hospitality And Tourism Industry

Modern Hospitality Trend Source: Modern Hospitality: Social Media With a Smile...

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8 Best Things To Do in Seattle

Mount Rainier National Park of Seattle The Town or The Emerald City, as the locals love to call Seattle, is renowned for its spectacular scenery, lip-smacking food and unique attractions. Perhaps that is why so many people come to visit Seattle and take in the amazing sights and sounds. The city boasts of a vibrant music and art scene and its parks are to die for! However, if you are visiting Seattle and have limited time and resources, the following are the best things to do in Seattle and get the most out of your trip. Pike Pla...

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Progressive Ways To Manage Hotel Staff Being A Friendly Manager

Successful-Hotel-Manager-HotelCluster.com A hotel is as good as its employees. If the employees are lackadaisical, not customer-friendly or do not know how to deal with guests, even the best hotel cannot survive. Being friendly with your staff is a great thing, but as a hotel manager, you have responsibility towards your guests and the hotel. Knowing how to turn around your hotel and getting your employees work as a productive team is every hotel manager's dream. However, very few realize this dream. But you can if you use these tips. ...

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8 Website Mistakes That May Reduce Rating Of Your Hotel Bookings

Hotel Search Engine Website Your hotel website is the way guests will find you and book rooms. This organic traffic that comes from search engines can be extremely profitable. However, if your website turns away guests instead of welcoming them with open arms, you are doing something wrong. Here are 8 website mistakes you should avoid making to turn away bookings and leads from your hotel website. 1. Not Making the Website Mobile-Friendly Today, many travelers use their smartphones to check out hotel websites on the g...

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